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Advanced Tactical Practitoner examination scheduled for 9/14/2020

by Site Administrator -

The Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center on Fort Bragg North Carolina will be hosting the ATP certification exam from 0800-1100 and also from 1300-1600 on September 14th, 2020.

Please read this notice for all potential ATP candidates

by Site Administrator -

Access to take the Advanced Tactical Practitioner examination will be managed by the local ATP Test administrator. Two business days prior to the exam you will receive your login credentials to gain access to the site and complete a short survey. On the date and time of the scheduled examination administration you will need to report to the computer test center with your CAC card and additional photo identification (such as your drivers license) so the ATP Test administrator can conduct roll call, verify your identity and administer the examination. If you are late you will not be able to take the assessment.